2-year-old meets her newborn sister for very first time, can hardly contain her excitement


Mom Autumn Benson just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Addy, and when she returned home with Addy for the first time, her other daughter Aubree was anxiously awaiting their arrival.

Little two-year-old Aubree adorably walks towards the door and seemingly mumbles “Who is it, who is it?”. When she saw the baby seat, she gets really excited as she realizes her newborn sister Addy was in the seat.

“Are you excited to see her?”, her dad says. After which Aubree adorably confirms with an “Uh-huh”.

When Aubree unveils the cover over the baby seat, she instantly screams of joy and jumps around! “That’s Addy, that’s Addy!” The two-year-old is full of excitement and couldn’t be happier than Addy finally arrived.

Little Addy was still sleeping, so the two couldn’t interact with other right away. However, a couple of moments later Aubree jumps into the arms of her dad and says “Thank you for my little baby. Thank you for my Addy!”


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