20 Signs It’s Time To Move On From Your Relationship

If your relationship is causing you headaches, Breaking up is never easy, but if you find yourself agreeing with the majority of these points, then the signs are there that it’s time to find someone better suited to you!  

Here’s a guide to 20 signs that you should leave the person you’re with.
1. Your partner is controlling
2. Your friends don’t approve of your partner
3. It’s turned into more of a friendship than a relationship
4. Your partner doesn’t compliment you or make you feel special anymore
5. He/she tries to change you
6. You find yourself tempted by the idea of being single again
7. Your differences are driving you apart
8. Your future plans aren’t on the same page
9. Arguments are more frequent than the times you get on
10. He/she lies to you
11. You’re shy about showing your full range of emotions
12. Your family aren’t close to your partner
13. You are embarrassed by your partner
14. You keep secrets from each other
15. You don’t miss each other when you’re apart
16. You don’t find them attractive anymore
17. You catch yourself thinking of other people instead of your partner
18. Your partner spends more time with his/her friends than with you
19. Everything your partner does irritates you
 20. He/she doesn’t make you a better person

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