Mom Places Mason Jar Lids In Pan, Shows Off Brilliant Trick That’ll Leave Your Guests Impressed


A bacon stuffed omelet, three cheese scrambled eggs, a veggie stuffed egg casserole – there is simply no wrong way to enjoy an egg! In addition to the scrumptious taste of this food, eggs are incredibly nutritious as well.

They are high in vitamins and rich in quality protein, contain antioxidants which are beneficial for eye health, and actually raise HDL levels (the good cholesterol). In the following video, Jumble Joy shows us how to prepare an impressive-looking egg breakfast using mason jar lids. It’s time to think outside of the box, and instead think “inside” a mason jar lid. This clever and egg prep method will have your family flocking to the table!

Begin by collecting the necessary supplies and ingredients: a frying pan, nonstick cooking spray, eggs, mason jar lids, a pair of tongs, and any additional spices or toppings you’d like to add to your eggs. Heat your frying pan and coat the surface with cooking spray. Then, place the mason jar lids on the pan with the slightly smaller opening on the bottom. Crack an egg into each lid and sprinkle with spices. Allow the eggs to cook until the “whites turn white.” Using the tongs (as the lids will be extremely hot), carefully flip the lids so the eggs can cook a bit on the other side as well. Once your eggs have cooked to your liking, gently remove the mason jar lids from the pan using the tongs. Place the lids onto a surface so that they may cool a moment. Finally, one-by-one, give each lid a little shake and push the egg out of the mold and onto a plate. Voila – perfectly cooked, perfectly sculpted, perfectly delicious eggs! Enjoy your eggs atop a slice of crispy toast, wrapped in a warm tortilla, or all by themselves. And don’t be shy with the toppings…shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, bacon bits – you simply can’t go wrong with this egg-cellent breakfast (or lunch or dinner)! Watch the video below to see the mason jar egg recipe in action:

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