Mom Of Bullied Baby Bursts Into Tears, Then Waiter Hands Her A Surprise


When Sara Heller and her partner Chris Eidam found out they were expecting a baby boy, they were absolutely over the moon.

But after a routine ultrasound at 24-weeks revealed some devastating news, the couple promised each other to support their child as much as possible.

Baby Brody was diagnosed with a cleft lip and palate, which meant he was born with a large space where his lips and nose are.

After he was born, Sara and Chris wanted to make others more aware of Brody’s condition, so they proudly posted photos of him on social media.

They wanted to remove the stigma of the condition by sharing as many photos as possible, but there were times when strangers said some hurtful things about their precious son.

Sara revealed that she felt shocked when someone commented “What’s wrong with his face?” on Instagram.

During a night out at a restaurant with Brody and some girlfriends, Sara said a waiter came over to her table and handed her a note from a stranger.

To her surprise, there was a $1,000 check that said “For the beautiful baby.”

Sara was brought to tears by the kindness of the stranger and said the money would help pay for Brody’s upcoming medical expenses.

What a wonderful example of how the kindness of strangers can help us get through tough times.

“I want it to be a story about how the generosity of a complete stranger restored our faith in humanity,” Sara said

Thank you very much for all the love and Support .❤️
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