Mom Hears Son Screaming From Pool, Then Realizes Her Toddler Was Bitten By A Black Widow


North Carolina mom Erin Walker experienced every parent’s worst nightmare when her toddler son, Beckett, suddenly fell ill.

Erin’s three kids were enjoying a swim in their backyard pool, as they commonly do on summer mornings. But their fun time was interrupted when Erin’s middle son, James, suddenly yelled for his mom’s attention. He was trying to let her know that there was a spider in the pool.

“I saw the red mark on its belly, so that’s how I knew it was a black widow,” James said.

Initially, Erin was scared, but she quickly calmed down when it didn’t look like any of her children had been bitten by the spider. But just an hour and a half after getting out of the pool and being put down for a nap, Beckett was complaining that his stomach hurt.

When the pain got worse, Erin remembered the spider and rushed him to the hospital — just in case. While they were on their way, Erin finally saw that her toddler did actually have a bite on his arm, which doctors later confirmed was a black widow bite.

Erin thinks that the black widow crawled into Beckett’s little life jacket — which hangs outside, next to the pool — and that it bit him when he put it on before going into the pool. Now, Erin is urging other parents to check everything their kids wear or play with to keep them safe.

Thankfully, little Beckett is just fine. He didn’t need to receive antivenom, and his parents told Fox8 that he’s home and fully recovered.

If you find an unknown mark on your child’s body, the Mayo Clinic suggests seeking medical attention if the person bit starts experiencing pain, cramping, stiffness, or excessive sweating. If you have doubt whether a bite on your child came from a poisonous spider, go to your doctor immediately.

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Footage provided by WGHP Greensboro

Thumbnail Photo: Flickr / Becca


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