21 Habits of a Man That Is Worth Marrying!


– He sets aside alone time with you, regardless of how busy he is. He doesn’t forget to set aside alone time with you, regardless of how busy he is. You are a priority to him, so he sometimes turns down plans with “his friends” in favor of some quality time with you.

– He sometimes calls you simply to check in. Perhaps he has an interesting story to share or he just wants to hear your voice. 

– He does love you and take care of you. In case you have a terrible headache, he will grab you a glass of water and an Advil. In case you have a cold, he will make chicken noodle soup and hit the pharmacy for cough medicines. He will make you visit your doctor when you say you are busy to make an appointment.

– He lets you know that he’s not forgotten you. He sends you a text message, “Coming home in 5 minutes. See you soon…” This means that he lets you know that he wants to be with you and that he’s not forgotten you. Additionally, he lets you know that the best part of the night has yet to start. He doesn’t send it as he believes you are insecure, paranoid, or needy. He does send it out of mutual respect. He wants to prevent you from worrying about his level of sobriety or his safety. 

– He knows what you eat for breakfast, whether it is just a cup of black coffee or scrambled eggs and cheese. He will take you with him and recite your order by heart or run out to pick it up. He does pay attention to the details of what you love.

– He will be a homebody when you would rather be at home with his hot body. Sometimes, he wants to order takeout and watch a movie with you rather than spending too much money on a big night out.

– On special occasions, he gives you thoughtful greeting cards and heartfelt gifts. As you are into anniversaries and birthdays, he wants to celebrate them with you.

– He is a great dreamer. He wants to hand you a coin and to watch you uncover the numbers on the lotto card. He is a great dreamer. You plan together what you would do with the money if you won.

– He is not in contact with his ex-girlfriends. He understands that once a relationship is over, he should not get in touch with his ex-girlfriend. Also, strange phone numbers don’t pop up on his phone. 

– He is responsive to each one of your texts and calls. He is reliable. He does not ask for rain checks as excuses aren’t part of his DNA. He will not stand you up when you have plans.

– He smells good. You enjoy hugging him to breathe in his wonderful scent, which does encapsulate the unique impression he makes. 

– He is great with children. He is an excellent role model. Children enjoy spending time with him and flocking to him. His enthusiasm and upbeat personality are infectious. There’re big grins on kids’ little faces whenever he is around.

– He encourages and supports your independence. He does support and encourages your independence, which’s what he loves about you. He does respect your need to hang out with your friends. He also enjoys joining you when invited.

– He knows how to handle you whenever you are in a bad mood. Being in “a mood” is a thing that most men do not understand. But, when you are in a bad mood, he will not freeze up. He does know how to handle you when this happens.

– He says something, which makes you crack up, on a daily basis. He doesn’t always do it intentionally. In fact, it is sometimes his outlook on things. He does get your sense of humor and enjoy making you laugh.

– He thinks you look good in anything you wear. He is a low maintenance guy, which means that he dresses for comfort. In addition, the more you have gotten to know him, the better looking he has become. This man does not pay attention to how high your heels are or what brand your dress is. He thinks you look good in anything you wear.

– He is mature. In case ˮhis guysˮ are doing whiskey shots until 5 AM, he makes sure that they get home safely.

– He is polite to service industry workers in general and over-tips the wait staff at restaurants regularly. In case he treats strangers with respect, he will also do it for you, and anyone else he loves.

 – He is still in touch with a few of his childhood friends. Everyone considers him his best friend. He does make the time to call them back to find out how things are going with them, even if they live in different time zones and cities.

– He acts as a 10-year-old boy when his favorite football team wins. This man is loyal to his favorite team, regardless of how far down the rankings they fall, and how many times they lose. He is loyal and his loyalty is passed down to his relationships with friends, family members, and his wife.

– He proudly celebrates your successes. When somebody asks him about you, he does light up and proudly celebrate your successes since he knows you inside and out as well as appreciates both your achievements and struggles

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