Age 52 Woman Feels Crushing Pain During Training. Starts Screaming in Pool of Dark Red Water

"I felt this piercing pain in my torso and thought..."


Maria Korcsmaros was out for swim of the coast of California one day in 2016. Since she was training for an Ironman competition, she often swam long distances in the ocean.

Everything was going smoothly as Korcsmaros began her swim. However, when she had gotten about 10 minutes into her journey, everything suddenly changed.

Posted by Maria Korcsmaros on Sunday, August 28, 2016

“I felt this piercing pain in my torso and thought to myself ‘I have just been bitten by a shark,’” said Korcsmaros. Her instincts immediately kicked in.

Korcsmaros’ first thought was that she needed to get the attention of the lifeguard boat, so she began to yell to them. She threw a hand in the air and saw them coming towards her. Minutes later, they were at her side, rescuing her from the water.

She was taken to the hospital, where she received emergency surgery for her injuries. Korcsmaros sustained broken ribs, torn muscles, and a fractured pelvis.

Posted by Maria Korcsmaros on Monday, June 6, 2016

Doctors were shocked when Korcsmaros was able to control her fingers after surgery. They had spent a lot of time repairing her triceps. This was just a foreshadowing of all that Korcsmaros would achieve in her recovery.

Korcsmaros was determined to make a full recovery. As soon as she was released from the hospital, she got back to work with training.

Slowly but surely, Korcsmaros regained her strength. She even went back and swam near where she had been bitten by the shark.

Korcsmaros knows that she was able to recover because she kept active. “I was in pretty good shape when I first started out and I think that really helps with your recovery,” she said.

Now a year after the attack, Korcsmaros has found joy in giving back. She spends time volunteering at the trauma center that she received treatment at.

“Just to give back and have that positive outlook, I think is so crucial to your recovery,” said Korcsmaros. Her positivity and determination to do what she loves should be an inspiration to us all.


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