Man Finds A Room Hidden Deep Inside His House, And Uncovers A Buried Secret Many Would Not Like


They had been living in the house for several years amid rumors that the house was more than a piece of property. It was, in fact, a vital part of American history. But like most inhabitants, they had brushed off the information as fiction and lived on. It turned out, their house was indeed an important evidence of a part of history many Americans would not like.

It was in January 2014, a family realized that the rumors surrounding their house’s history were actually true, quite verbatim. The family had earlier decided to renovate the house for the purpose of improving the energy efficiency in their house. While digging parts of the house, they were to uncover something remarkable.

After a lot of days of digging, the family found a secret passageway. The images of the passageway went viral on image-sharing website Imgur by a user named IvebeentoYungay. He posted, “The room was found in the basement of the house I grew up in, which was completed in 1849. It is 25 miles south of the Canadian border.” He was hinting at something more crucial

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