Machete-wielding mother ‘glad for the support’


St Thomas entertainer Prince Reignn hands over groceries to Doreen Dyer.

As her court date fast approaches, several Jamaicans, overseas and abroad have rushed to the aid of the so-called “machete-wielding mother”, Doreen Dyer, to help alleviate her financial challenges.

She is grateful that with this economic support, her twins have not been absent from school since her return home from jail over a month ago.

“Mi glad fi the little help from everyone, and I want to thank everyone who rally around me. Before the incident, the kids used to stop from school often, sometimes all for one whole week, but they have not been absent a day recently, mi really glad for that,” she told Loop Jamaica reporter Claude Mills.

“Mrs Gayon Brown has stepped up and raised money for us, Mr Vegas has helped with the lawyer fees, and he also has a go fund account, plus both of them  have items they’ve purchased and are putting together to get them to us. Also, a Christian gentleman, I don’t remember his name now, travels, and he has put together some items for the family, plus lots of other people have offered encouragement and prayers,” she said.

Plans are also being made to set Ms Dyer up with a small business.

“Mi plan to raise some hogs and do some business to help take care of my family,” the 44 year-old mother of five said.

With the outpouring of support, she has nixed her plans to sue the father of the twins for child support.

“I am leaving him to time and his conscience,” she said.

The revelation by Dyer comes less than a week after her 21-year-old daughter, Sheryl Jones, bemoaned what she claimed was a lack of compassion for the family. Jones had also stated that family members were in dire need of jobs.

“The government wants to punish her, but when it comes to providing real assistance, in terms of a job, or an opportunity to work, to change her life and take care of kids, where is the help?” Jones told Loop News last week.

Dyer was recorded beating her daughter  – one of the twins – with a machete in a video widely circulated on social media. She returns to court Wednesday, November 15th to answer the child cruelty charges in the St Thomas Parish Court in Morant Bay.

“Right now, mi kinda worried because I don’t know yet what the judge will do with me Wednesday but I am hoping for the best,” she said.

The video triggered widespread condemnation across Jamaica, including from the Child Development Agency which reiterated its call for a full ban on corporal punishment.

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