Machete-beating mother sentenced to probation period


Doreen Dyer, the St Thomas woman who was captured on video beating her then 12-year-old daughter with a machete last year, was on Friday sentenced to three years of probation with parental counseling and anger management conditions.

Dyer, 44, pleaded guilty to cruelty to a child in her latest appearance in the St Thomas Parish Court on Friday.

The charge was laid against Dyer after the video of her, clad in only underwear and using a machete amid a string of expletives, to inflict more than a dozen blows to the body of the child, went viral.

The incident reportedly took place in 2016 in Bath in the parish.

The mother of five, a domestic helper, was briefly jailed after the video triggered widespread condemnation across the country, including from the Child Development Agency (CDA), which reiterated its call for a full ban on corporal punishment.

But Dyer subsequently received support from many persons who asked the authorities to be lenient with her because she was considered to be a good person at heart.

She was briefly united with the abused daughter the last time she attended court, with the two sharing a hug, and the daughter saying she missed her mother, from whom she was separated after the video of the beating surfaced.

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