How To Keep A Guy Thinking About You All The Time


1. Do something completely unexpected.

If you always meet at home at 7 PM after work, mix it up… a lot. Surprise him by showing up outside his office in a trench coat with nothing on underneath, or invite him to meet you at a bar you’ve never been to and instruct him to call you by the name “Isabella.” He’ll be thinking you’re slightly off your rocker in a scintillating way.

2. Start subtly, early in the morning.

Walk around as long as possible in your underwear and “accidentally” brush your body up against his as you are getting ready for work. Squeeze in a few times of needing to bend over seductively.

3. Be silly and playful.

While all these suggestions may seem like you need to be overtly “sexy” to make him think of you, don’t get hung up on that word. You know yourself and your mate and what will and won’t work. So put your spin on everything. Do unexpected silly things. Wrestle him on the couch, or grab some whipped cream and squirt it on your nose, or think of a silly and unique way to lead him into the bedroom.

Basically, make him laugh because sex is supposed to be fun. And what’s more fun than being able to be truly yourself when seducing your love?

4. Kiss him or if you think he can handle it…

Right before he walks out the door, give him a kiss he’ll be thinking about all day long — a kiss that will leave him seriously considering calling in sick to work. I’m talking a five-minute-long teasing kiss that will cause him to need a respirator to breathe. Or if you’d like to try the more obvious approach, you could start a certain act, but not finish it.

5. Call or text him with a subtle desire.

Use some form of modern technology to buzz him or ring him to just say, “Mmm…” As long as you aren’t monopolizing his device with outright porn, a short suggestive text or call from you to remind him of your desire for him will certainly be a sensual surprise.

6. Hide something naughty.

Alright, if you’re into the dramatic and sexy, then listen up. Nothing’s going to make him think more about you than slipping a pair of your sexiest underwear into his briefcase or backpack. (Do put them somewhere safe where they won’t accidentally fall out in a coffee shop or meeting… unless you want his coworkers thinking about you all day, too.)

7. Share a slightly suggestive photo.

You’ve probably sent tons of blatant sexy selfies for his private viewing, but what about one that leaves him guessing while slightly blushing? Take a shot of your lingerie drawer, or of your lightly tousled bed sheets, or of just the nape of your neck… you get the idea. Tease him with ambiguity.

8. Praise his bedroom talents.

Tell him what you love about him in bed. Think about the kinds of moves he performs that no man has pulled off quite so well. Trust me, he wants to receive adulation for his techniques, which will only encourage him to come up with more sexy ways to please you.

9. Share fantasies.

Sometimes being asked about his fantasies may make a guy clam up, but there’s a way to entice him into opening up more to you. You go first! Start by sharing a sexual fantasy that is doable in the moment and in your control and… do it! He’ll be emboldened to be thinking outside the box, and then when he has fantasies when you’re not around, he’s more likely to imagine you as the star of them.

10. Listen to him.

So, when he calls you to talk, listen. I mean really listen. Sometimes we are so busy multitasking, we only listen half-heartedly. If he’s responding back to your teases, ask him what he’s thinking about. Put your whole self into listening, encourage him to share what he’s imagining and whisper back to him what he says so he knows you’ve heard him.

The more ways that you show him that you desire him, the closer you will be in all areas of your relationship. It’s all about the little things, and they add up fast. Trying one new sultry thing a week to keep your relationship fresh and interesting for the both of you will help guarantee the passion will stay alive for the long haul.

H/T: YourTango  / Sheila Hageman

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