Dog found crying on the side of the road immediately kisses her rescuer


No one knows exactly why someone tied a 6-month-old dog to a fence at an infamous dumping ground for unwanted dogs in Texas — but when a local woman spotted the animal, she knew she had to help.

Judy Obregon — who runs local rescue organization The Abandoned Ones (TAO) — drives these desolate roads nearly every day, looking for a dog she can save.

Too often, the dogs she finds around Echo Lake Park are already dead. But this week, among bags containing decomposing bodies of unwanted animals, Obregon spotted motion.

As she was driving by, a dog lifted up her head and watched her.

10:07:16 Update : ❤ Mercy ❤ with Mercy today …( this posted to time line as well as 10/5/6/7 updates w/video of her eating ) My visit today with Mercy that I thought you all would love to see which was pretty exciting being when I got there they had mentioned that so far everything was going really well except she really didn't want to eat ( besides the concern of no bowel movements) .As you can see in video she decided to eat ( we a bit messy ) but it's ok because she's eating .She also had bowels movements prior to me getting there and after I left. Prayers for continued bowel movements , pain free healing .The Dr . everyone at the hospital are in LOVE with her !!You know that is one thing about animals I so love is that they are so loving and resilient regardless of what evil humans do to them .Mercy has the sweetest soul that I can't imagine the pain she endured , the fear of laying in the ditch she was found in . Dumped and ignored as she laid there in pain .Now everywhere she looks she see's humans that love her and every voice she hears .oh sweet Mercy we love you . Love …Love …from now on sweet baby girl .. I will be there again tomorrow as I can't imagine going a day without seeing her . Showing my support and passing on the support and love from her fans as she recovers from the unthinkable.Prayers accepted and wanted for healing ❤Mercy is at a 24 hour animal hospital meaning she's receiving around the clock care ..the best care !Creek Side Pet Care is a vet we have worked with in the past and Mercy checked in for a second opinion . Creekside is now a 24 hour emergency hospital and I didn't know until I arrived ..meaning the charges have increased ..The good news is that they are willing to accept donations over the phone ( still ) .We are asking if you would like to help us help Mercy any amount is never too small and you can donate directly to vet at 817 – 421-5850 TAO Acct / Judy OFor Mercy .. Or via PayPal at www.taoanimalrescue.comOriginal Post /Video you all for your support , sharing and caring .Mercy & The TAO Team appreciate all the support given . We also thank and appreciate the love from the staff at Creekside ❤ who are working around the clock for our sweet baby girl .We couldn't do this without you all ..Thank you Thank you …#Mercyslifematters #EveryAnimalMattersUpdate : 10-05/6-16 8:50 Am ❤ Mercy ❤First and foremost we would like to Thank you all for the outpouring support and prayers for our sweet baby girl .Unfortunately we do not know what happened to Mercy and can only assume the worse based on her injuries .Mercy is dealing with several fractures and broken bones . The good news is she's eating and is HW negative !!!Right now our main concern is providing the best care as quickly as possible and per vet she needs her surgery ASAP !! . Her injuries are two to three days old .She will be going in for second opinion ( today ) .Her ( R) Illium , ( R ) Pubis and ( L ) Ischium are all fractured / broken .The best news would be that all could just heal on its own .. but we do believe in miracles.Once she is seen by second vet and specialists ( Dr . Vaughn ) gives us his opinion / and results we will post the given estimate ( if surgery is required ) .We can say that the surgery itself for Baby Boy that required a plate est over $3000 ( that included follow up vet visits post op )Please bare with us as we coordinate and move quickly so she can begin her life without pain .I will be picking her up from first vet and transporting her to second vet ( I promised her I'd be back ) and I want her to see my face again ..and well I want and can't wait to hold her again !!I will post every step ( while not driving ) we make !!The ortho vet is one we have worked with before who performed the surgery on our Baby Boy who required a plate ..and today Baby Boy is running and playing one of my best foster patients ( they all are ) .It is disturbing that Mercy had to deal with evil people at such a young age , I don't even want to think about it !!! The area in which she was found in has a history of many discarded souls ( dead and alive ) . Echo Lake in Ftw , TxMercy is another one we were able to save ..I will post second vet info and more info once we arrive ..Thank you all for your amazing support..the love you are sharing with us and with Mercy just warms our hearts .Hugs , Judy & The TAO TeamDonations : www.taoanimalrescue.comCreekside Pet Care Ctr 817-421-5850Mercy's Rescue Video ( original post here ) 10-04-16 : Mercy going in for second opinion prayers for this sweet baby .Xrays being reviewed by Dr . Vaughn ( Ortho Surgeon ) We truly believe in miracles !!! Update : 10-03-16 6:25 pm ❤ Mercy ❤Per vet Xrays revealed two fractures one will require plating Mercy will be needing a specialist for this type of surgery 🙁 Est Cost ( does not include vetting , and follow up vet visits :$3000.00 a fundraiser will be created with name of vet / surgery to be done at. Right now she is resting comfortably ..we will schedule her for a second opinion with ortho surgeon and praying for NO surgery !! We are asking for prayers and donations to continue.Awaiting another call from vet ( they had another emergency ) .Omg !! Please share 911 911 currently being rushed to vet .Found ALIVE known dumping site ECHO LAKE Ftw , Tx !! I just saw her laying there assuming another dead dog ..her head lifted up . I could Not just let her lay there and suffer !!! DONATIONS desperately needed ASAP or directly to vet at 972-409-0186 I will update as soon as I can ( currently driving with this sweet baby girl ) no chip either . Judy

Posted by The Abandoned Ones "Saving Animals in Danger" on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

When she rushed to pull over, the little dog cried and couldn’t get to Obregon fast enough, even though she had to limp the whole way.

When she got close, she put her little face in Obregon’s hand.

“I didn’t notice what she had around her neck until I put her in my vehicle,” said Obregon.Something like a shoestring was tied tightly around the dog’s neck.

As Obregon passed the fence, she saw the other part of the string tied there. Obregon thinks the dog was limping because she strained to break free.

“The saddest part is that even when she broke free of the string; she still stayed in the same spot as if waiting for the people who left her there,” Obregon said.

As Obregon was driving the dog, now named Callie, away from the place where she was dumped. The dog took a last glance back as if leaving her past behind her. Then she gave her rescuer a kiss on the cheek.

At the veterinarian, Callie, who wasn’t microchipped, was discovered to be healthy — remarkable, considering all she’d been through.

And she had a healthy appetite, to everyone’s relief.

“Dogs like this make me cry all the time,” Obregon said. “They are just so forgiving. I can see it in her eyes.”

The day after her rescue, Callie — who is currently in a foster home and will be up for adoption soon — was already smiling.

“She’s coming around to the point that she doesn’t give a damn about what happened to her before,” Obregon said. “Her past is behind her.”


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