The Invisible Connection Between Two People Destined To Be Together


According to the legends, there is an invisible connection between two people, made by fate, whose destiny is to be together. The connection between these 2 souls cannot be affected by circumstances, place or time.

There is no force able to break the invisible connection between two people who are meant to be together.


The red color is tightly connected to desire and attraction. This is also the color of the string that connects 2 people who are soul mates.


The string that connects two people originates from ancient East Asian beliefs. According to one myth, the Gods tied strings around the ankles of the people whose fate was to help each other in some way. Otherwise, destiny would tie them together forever.

Soulmate concept

The concept with the red string is pretty similar to the Western concept of twin flame or soul mate. The difference between these two concepts is that the Western speaks about finding your other half and the Asian speaks about the connection to someone.


In the same way, as many other legends, this story has a problem with it. The story says that one night a young boy was going home when he encountered an old man reading a book. The boy asked about the content of the book. The older man explained that it was a book about a marriage and the boy’s destiny was to marry a girl. The man also showed the girl to the boy.

The problem

The boy was not pleased because he did not want a wife. He threw a rock at the girl and ran away. After many years, the boy married the most beautiful girl in a traditional arranged marriage.


However, the girl had a scar above the eyebrow. She told the boy that it was because someone threw a rock at her when she was young. This is the proof of their fate to be together.

What really happens at the end?

This proverb speaks about a higher power. It teaches us that we can not avoid our destiny and we cannot go against the red thread.

Work is still needed

Even if you find the person you are connected to with the red string, it does not mean that it will be easy to stay together. This proverb teaches about compassion, devotion, and loyalty. The string serves to help the lovers stay fateful to each other.


The invisible connection between two people – that thread – is always there even if you are far away from your soul mate. There will be times when you will feel far away, both physically and mentally, from your soul mate. However, this does not affect the connection made by the thread of fate.

Soul mates are always together

The first time we hear about love, we start searching for it. However, lovers don’t meet. There are always together.

The Gods determine the red thread

Chinese legends say that the red thread of destiny is under the control of a matchmaker god, who is also in control of marriage.

Pink finger

According to Japanese legends, people used to tie the red thread on the pinky finger. This is where from the saying pinky promise or pinky swear comes. In the past, a broken promise usually lead to cutting off the pinky finger.

More than lovers

According to Chinese legends, the red thread is there with us since birth. With age, the thread becomes tighter and brings us closer to the person we need to be within some way.


Life becomes easier with the red thread of fate. We know it’s our destiny to meet some people and become close to them.


The red string is something that can tangle or stretch. However, it never breaks.

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