Indian Woman Gave Birth To 11 Kids At Once


Rumor has it that somewhere inIndia, inSuratto be more specific, a supermom gave birth to eleven babies all at once! Yes, you read that right, eleven babies! Could that be true or is it just an urban myth sustained by some really good photoshop work?

Well, while the picture shown speaks for itself, ( and we ALL know how pictures can be misleading) anonymous sources indicate that the 11 sweet little bundles of joy photographed above are actually the 11 babies which were born on the unique day of November 11th, 2011 (11/11/11).

Now, there is a little bit of truth in the picture of the eleven kids. Six of them were indeed twins born to the same mother. But the remaining five are just lucky babies who came to this world on a unique day.

But wait just a minute! It appears that calls were indeed made to the Guiness Book of World Records to acknowledge the amazing record and they declared that “unofficial sources” are willing to produce even more evidence of the amazing birth of 11 babies to the same mom.

Just so you know, at this point no official news agency has been able to confirm nor deny the information that a woman gave birth to 11 kids in just one pregnancy. So let’s take a step back and analyze the situation medically and logically. Is it possible or not for a woman to carry 11 fetuses in her womb, and to actually deliver them all alive.


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