These Illnesses Are Caused by Microwaves and You Ignored Them!


The magnetron is a tube for making microwave power and it was made by 2 scientists during WWII.

This combined with the radar system of Britain made the microwaves locate Nazi airplanes and it even foiled possible bombings.

After some years, these ovens could cook food and this was found by Percy LeBaron Spencer, member of military industrial complex Raytheon Company. So these radar waves even melted a candy bar in his pocket.

This lead to making the Radar Range, the first microwave oven.

Why we speak of these ovens is because they are linked to many experiments these days.

To make this clear, the ovens of this kin are 2.45 billion hertz and are not dangerous if they do not leak.

It is proven that still they damage the health with 10 hertz so make sure you are far from the microwave when it works.

The side effects of microwaves, proven by studies:

  • Weak immunity
  • More risk of illnesses
  • Cataracts
  • Birth defects
  • Less resistance to viruses and bacteria
  • Cancer

The effects of this oven on the foods we eat:

  • The Swiss expert Hans Hertel made a study where it showed that microwave ovens remove food nutrients
  • These ovens radiation deforms the food molecules and makes bad radioactive compounds
  • In 1992, Search for Health made a study where it said that microwaves made these things in people: less hemoglobin and anemia, rise in cholesterol, more leukocytes and poisoning or cell damages, less white blood cells.
  • The infant formulas that are microwaved are damaged and have amino acids which are altered thus leading to abnormalities
  • Breast milk microwaved has 96% antibodies deprived

So, even though you know that the microwave ovens are sealed, still you get exposure to EMFs which make health problems.


No doubt, these ovens are health risks. The allowed exposure by EPA is .5mG-2.5mG EMF. And just even 4 inch away from this oven means exposure of 100-500mG and 3 feet distance is 1-25mG.

But still we confirm these ovens are the fastest way to cook food, but the health must be more important and a priority so try to use them at least less often.

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