Illegal connections in St John’s Road area causing outages — JPS


ST CATHERINE, Jamaica — Jamaica Public Service (JPS) is seeking to set the record straight after residents of the St John’s community, which is on the outskirts of Spanish Town, St Catherine, demonstrated against the company, claiming that their power supply has been disconnected for two weeks.

On Saturday, the light and power company issued a statement denying that JPS has disconnected the area.

“The community is rife with illegal connections,” JPS said. “Of the over 100 households using electricity service, less than 20 are paying customers.

“This means that over 80 householders have attached illegal connections to the system. This has resulted in burnt and destroyed transformers – yet again,” the statement read. “Last week Tuesday, December 15, multiple illegal connections caused the burn-out of the sixth transformer in as many months in that community.”


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