When You Ignore Her, You Teach Her to Live without You


If you desire a woman to want you, you better be prepared to play hard to get! You have to behave badly and act disrespectfully so that you will keep her wanting more.

While this piece of advice has been around ever since dating itself, don’t take it seriously! In fact, what you need to do is to do the things the other way around.

Just think about it!  Give it some meaning though!

If you are truly in love with a woman and if you really care about her, why would you ignore her or treat her like dirt in the first place? There is yet another old advice which advise against being too direct; however if you think about it, why wouldn’t you be open about your real feelings and intentions? You might be too scared or too reserved, but the truth always finds its way and comes out eventually.  And   as the old saying goes, “the truth shall set you free.”

The bottom line is that the truth always comes out, so it is better for all the people involved if all truths are revealed from the start.  You will gradually grow closer to your partner as time passes by and the relationship develops,  but you will grow closer to growing together, with trust and honesty from the very beginning.

Putting your phone away when you are together is a good idea because by doing so you are indirectly telling her to keep her away, too.   Instead of texting her about certain issues or awkwardness, try to spend more time with her and fill those moments of awkwardness.   This will help you get rid of those unwanted and awkward emotions, rather than expand them.

If a woman feels like you are not truly present, she will simply lose the interest and the need to be with you and remain in your presence.  This does make sense, as ignoring her only teaches her to live without you!

Tips on How To Grow Together

1. Evaluate Your Experiences

Evaluating your experiences helps you learn from your mistakes and prevent you from repeating them in the future.

2. Communicate with Each Other`s Language

While we all grow up with different communication inferences, communicating in each other`s language is the key to any healthy relationship.

3. Share What You Learn

Share your experiences and what you learn, discuss your ideas, talk about your goals…  This will help you grow closer and keep your bond strong!

4. Plan Adventures Together

Try out new things and visit new places! This doesn’t take a lot of money, only a desire to grow closer and the enthusiasm to reach new realms.

5. Laugh Together

Our lives are stressful and filled with countless tests on a daily basis.  Humor and laugh are the best way to reduce stress and break this tension.

6. See the Relationship as Multi-dimensional

Any relationship is multi-dimensional and has to be acknowledged as such.  Embracing these dimensions will help you strengthen and enhance your relationship and each other at the same time.




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