Groom tells bride they’re now a ‘family of 3’ – She loses it when she realizes what he means


Weddings are absolutely unforgettable. It’s time for celebration, happiness, and laughter. Whether you are the one being married or you are witnessing a marriage, weddings are can’t miss events.

This is especially true these days as surprises at weddings have become more and more popular. There are countless videos on YouTube of brides and grooms surprising one another at weddings, and many of them have gone millions of views. These surprises can range anywhere from celebrity guest appearances to special musical performances.

But at Shareably, we haven’t quite seen a surprise quite like the one that happened at Jeff Althoff’s wedding. This groom surprised his bride, Jenna, with a special gift at their wedding.

While giving a speech at the wedding reception in front of all the guests, Jeff asked Jenna, “Would you agree with me that the last few hours have been the best hours of your life as a family of two?”

Jenna nodded in agreement, unsure where Jeff was going with this.

Then Jeff announced, “Well, I’m proud to announce that we have now become a family of three!”

While guests clap at this statement, Jenna has a clear look of confusion on her face. She doesn’t have a clue what Jeff means. Who’s the new family member?

But then Jeff points behind Jenna, and that’s when it all makes sense. Jenna’s face immediately lights up as she realizes what the surprise was. It’s a dog!

Jenna has wanted a puppy her entire life, and on her wedding day, she finally got one. Watch the video below to see the entire surprise in action!

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