UPDATE: One of the Green Island student ‘attackers’ in police custody


The Green Island police in Hanover now have in their custody, one of the male students who allegedly carried out a vicious and vulgar attack on a male bus driver in the town, which was recorded on video.

Police said the student was taken to the station on Friday morning by a parent.

He is currently being questioned by investigators, while a search is on for the other attackers.

The boys, armed with offensive weapons, including a ‘chopper’, were captured in a two-minute video attacking the driver after he purchased an item from a vendor at a bus stop.

The student with the ‘chopper’ menacingly in his hand is seen hitting the man in the face, following which the attack intensifies, with other students joining in the assault and hitting the man at will.

All of this takes place while some female students are recording the incident, with reference to it as ‘coming live from Green Island’, and cheering on the attackers amid the expletives-laden incident.

In the face of the assault, the driver tries to run to his bus, and is chased and further beaten by the boys, who also use stones to break windows on the bus.

The incident is not the first case of mass student attack locally in recent times, with a recent case in Portland resulting in a fatality.

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