Grandma Faces Eviction For Grandson’s Frequent Visits


An 87-year-old New Jersey woman was faced with eviction because of her grandson’s daily visits to her apartment.

Rose Dimaria, a recent breast cancer patient who also suffers from an irregular heartbeat, has lived in a Public Housing Authority apartment for 67 years, and she says she never had a problem until she received an eviction threat in the mail due to what was claimed to be an “unauthorized visitor.”

That visitor was Dimaria’s 40-year-old grandson, Gregory Ciccione.

“He brings me coffee every morning, and a roll or a doughnut,” Dimaria told WNBC. “It’s nice to have company — I don’t understand what is wrong with that.”

Ciccione, according to a letter given to authorities by the housing administrators, had been in prison for three years after committing mail fraud with a former business. He admitted to his crime but said he never touched his grandmother’s mail.

“Taking care of an elder should not be something that I am forced to stop doing or be bullied into not doing because of past history,” he said.

The letter sent by the housing authority, Ciccione said, was nothing more than an attempt to damage him.

“It’s absolutely directed at me,” he said. “There’s outside family members who I no longer interact with, and it’s been a tumultuous several years between my divorce and who took sides over several cases. In their attack on me, it’s affecting my grandmother.”

Many readers reacted angrily to the apartment threatening to evict the grandmother.

“What is really sad is this woman could never imagined having to deal with such people at her age,” one All That’s News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page. “Why does the apartment management cares who and how many times a person visits. Our society is getting sicker and more pecular every day.”

“The man served his time and is doing the right thing for his grandmother, this is one reason men go back to crime, they are harassed and never forgiven for a mistake they made in Life!” another wrote. “Too many laws now, one can get sent to prison for everything now, but yet Congress gets away with breaking laws every day.”

“This is so sad, hope the lady gets to stay in her apartment she’s lived in most of her life,” commented another. “And her grandson gets to keep going over every day to help her. Prayers for both.”

Sources: WNBCAll That’s News/Facebook / Featured Image: MaxPixel / Embedded Images: Screenshot/WNBC via All That’s Fab

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