Golden Krust CEO Reportedly Committed Suicide Amid Fears Of Tax Probe


Jamaican-born businessman Lowell Hawthrone, the founder, and CEO of the Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill reportedly took his own life on Saturday amid fears over tax debt.

Media outlets based in New York say that prior to his death, the 57-year-old Hawthorne had informed some relatives about his tax predicament.

A report by the New York Post says surveillance video shows Hawthorne shooting himself in the head inside the Golden Krust bakery and warehouse in The Bronx.

The report says Hawthorne killed himself amid fears he was being investigated by the feds for evading millions of US dollars in taxes.

According to the report, a source in law enforcement also says Hawthorne was “acting funny” and “talking to himself” in the hours before his suicide.

He reportedly left a note in which he apologized to relatives before committing suicide.

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