Fruits And Vegetables Looked Exactly Like This Before Humans Domesticated Them


Agriculture is not an easy thing to do but, those involved in it might know what it takes to grow a food item and then get it delivered to the right place. A Lot of people just visit the nearby grocery store and grab whatever they want and enjoy a nice shopping trip, but they have never considered what these fruits would have looked like before they reached the human civilization.


The Beginning of the Change

What we see today is not what it used to be earlier. The fruits and vegetables that we consume in modern times didn’t always look the same earlier. Changes began to happen when humans came in contact with them.

The more the humans started interacting with something in nature, there were more changes to it. Just like the pets at home,  these fruits and vegetables have been domesticated by humans.

Technological Effect on Food

The research has revealed that the fruits and veggies that we see on our plates today would not have been recognized by our ancestors.

12000 years ago since the birth of agriculture, farmers have been developing new ways to improve the crops. From selective breeding to genetically modifying plants, the fruits like bananas, watermelon, and vegetables like carrots have undergone a complete transformation.

Introduction of GMOs

The genetic modification of foods began in the 1980s when researchers found that specific pieces of DNA can be transferred from one organism to another.

Though the health industry developed a focus on Non-GMOs, it is also important to note that there is no fear of having genetically modified foods. Without this, we wouldn’t have gotten a chance to eat most of the fruits and vegetables that we have today.

How good are Genetically Modified Foods for us?

The researchers believe that the food derived from GMOs pose no great risk to human health but every such food needs to be tested before being introduced.

With the help of GMOs, a specific crop can be grown in an area where it would not typically grow and thereby it helps to increase the resources to feed the world.

Foods – Then and Now

Watch the video below which shows some of the food items of today as compared to their historical versions.

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