Former Raven Symone Co-Star Orlando Brown Explains…”It’s Like Raven Aborted My Baby”


Actor Orlando Brown, known for role in Major Payne and Straight Outta Compton, released a bizarre rap track in which he talked trash about his former That’s So Raven costar, Raven Symone: “It’s like Raven aborted my baby.”

He posted the scandalous rhyme to his Instagram account, and quickly deleted it. …But of course, not before lots of people and the media saw it.

Some folks think Orlando’s really gone off the rails. Ever since the former Disney star’s arrest on domestic battery and drug possession charges two months ago, he seems obsessed with Raven Symone.

First, he posted a rant to Instagram addressing rumors that Raven bailed him out of jail. “Raven did not bail me out, my wife did. Raven ain’t even tryin’ to talk to me right now. She think I stole her damn phone. I ain’t a crackhead!”

He has since deleted that account and started a new, private Instagram.


In a bizarre new interview with VLADTV, Orlando tries to clear up the controversy caused by his “abortion” lyrics. “I said ‘it’s like’. It’s clearly a play on words, and it’s a metaphor. Basically, what I mean by that is, y’all want me to go crazy.”

Watch the entire 24-minute interview below.

At times rambling and chuckling, Orlando talks about dating Raven at the 11-minute mark. Then he talks about that “Raven aborting his baby” lyric at the 16:30 mark, and also describes what it was like to be in jail.

What do think of this interview? Hmmmmmm……

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