Houses washed away by flood waters in Hanover


Flash flooding, caused by consistent, heavy rains which lashed sections of the parish of Hanover, washed away small houses and left scores of residents marooned Thursday evening.

Houses were washed away from the Lances Bay community after the Lances Bay River overflowed its banks. The community of Brissett was also not spared by the rushing flood waters.

In the town of Lucea, a number of motorists and pedestrians were left stranded for long hours. Reports are that some motorists had to run from their motor vehicles amid gushing flood waters that threatened to wash away the automobiles.

There were no reports of deaths.

Member of Parliament for Eastern Hanover, Ian Hayles has called on authorities to immediately address the infrastructural problems in the town.

In the meantime, the Meteorological Service Division is reporting that a Trough across the southwestern Caribbean is expected to influence the weather across Jamaica, producing increased rainfall across the island starting late Friday afternoon through to Saturday.

Jamaicans are to expect periods of showers and thunderstorms, which may be heavy at times, across sections of most parishes.

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