3 Facebook Secrets When You Update Your Status


Facebook has been used by millions of people around the world for more than a decade. Although it seems like we know everything about this social network, there are still a lot of tricks we are not familiar with.

Recently, Facebook has introduced couple of new things which you probably know nothing about. For example, every time you post something there are thumbs up, hearts, balloons and confetti popping up all over the screen.

Here is what they actually mean:

1. Balloons and confetti

If you type ″Congrats″ either as a comment or as a status, balloons and confetti will appear on your screen. They usually imply that you are expecting a baby and they can be either blue or pink, indicating the baby’s gender.

If the balloons are yellow, it means that you aren’t pregnant but you can always change their color.

2. Thumbs up

Once you type the word ″Rad″, multiple thumbs up will appear on your screen.

3. Hearts

Hearts will appear on your screen every time you send a XOXO message.

4. The ″other″ inbox

There is a secret ″messenger inbox″ many people aren’t familiar with. It contains the spam massages that are diverted to the Message Request inbox. If you don’t know where to find them, they can stay unread for the rest of your life.

5. Option for playing chess

Did you know you can play chess by using Facebook Messenger? All you have to do is to open the chat window with the person you want to play with and type the word ‘@fbchessplay’. Afterwards, a board will appear and your opponent will be invited to make the first move.

6. Download a copy of all your posts

Every message, every post, every chat conversation, every video and every image can be downloaded if you go to ″Settings″ and choose the option ″Download a copy of the Facebook data″.

7. Send money through Facebook

Go to ″Settings″ and choose ″Payments″. This is where you enter your debit card. Afterwards, you can send funds to another user through Messenger.

We’d love to hear your views on this…