Eight Dads Share Funny Parenting Fail Photos. Number 7 Is Sending The Internet Into A Frenzy


If you have an older child then surely you remember the years of living in a constant mess when that child was a toddler. And if you are currently raising a toddler then you are in the midst of that messy lifestyle. All parents know that you can’t turn your back for two seconds without asking for a huge mess.

Several parents have recently come forward to share their toddler’s major messes when they were left unattended for mere seconds. It doesn’t take long to turn that neat and tidy living room into something that resembles the aftermath of a storm.

As probably the most costly photo, one young child decided to cut up a bunch of money for an art project. Ouch, that certainly hurt her parents’ wallet…

When a little boy accidentally spilled a bag of sugar on the floor, he did the right thing and cleaned it up. The only problem is that he used his tongue to do it. Talk about a sugar high! But he got the job done fast since his dog helped with the cleanup.

One tot managed to get her hands on a tub of butter. Let’s just say her entire body was greasy for days.

It’s hard enough having one child undoing all the hard work you put into cleaning and organizing your home. Imagine having two? It’s like little partners in crime. One older sibling decided that she didn’t want to share her space in the tub during bath time, so she plopped her little brother in the toilet bowl so he could clean up on his own.

Some dads really love their cars. They spend years saving for their dream car and they spend hours on the weekends cleaning and polishing their prized possession. One little girl knew just how much her dad’s car meant to him so she thought the best way to tell him she loved him was to carve out “I love my dad,” on the side of the car with a screwdriver.

One child decided to express himself on his parent’s Mac screen. He used a dark blue marker to display his artwork. That poor computer is scarred for life.

Kids love to paint, and it’s a great way to teach them how to experiment with their artistic side. But when do you draw the line? A dozen handprints on the nice white wall is going a bit far with that self-expression.

Three little tots give new meaning to a bubble bath. Instead of opting for a little cup of bubbles, this clean crew must’ve dumped a few bottles into the tub because the bubbles overflowed out of the tub and onto the floor, only revealing their three little heads.

Kids love playing with things that squirt out liquids. When one little girl decided to get into a can of shaving foam, she covered herself and the mirror in the foam.

There is a reason why parents are advised to baby proof their houses. Low-level kitchen cabinets hold a whole lot of fun baking supplies. One little boy had a field day with flour.

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