8 girls line up on the street – but look closer as the unexpected suddenly happens


It’s always amazing when you come across people that have skills that really set them aside from the crowd, you can’t help but watch on in awe.

In the video that is found below, we see eight girls line up on the street and perform a brilliant tribute to the world famous singer Ed Sheeran.

Ed had previously revealed that he was looking for Irish dancers for the video to his song “Galway Girl”, so they acted quickly and this was their attempt to get noticed.

The 8 girls start with their heads are pointing down at the ground, once they start tapping you can’t help but be blown away.

The video has managed to attract 6 million views and I think you’ll agree every single one is more than justified.

Referring to themselves “Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girls”, I really couldn’t keep the smile from my face as I watched on.

What’s even better is that it worked, they caught the attention of Ed and they made it into the official music video.

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