Dad Wraps Daughter’s Hair Around Drinking Straws, Now Watch Him Reveal Stunning New Look


What’s more adorable than the sight of a dad spending time with his little girl, you ask? Seeing a father style his daughter’s hair of course, and by using colorful drinking straws at that!

This super-dad is showing everyone a super-simple way to create gorgeous locks. And believe it or not this “salon style look” comes without the “salon style cost.” Now, who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Greg Wickherst loves trying out new hairstyles on his 5-year-old daughter Izzy. And this fabulously full look requires only two simple, inexpensive supplies: a handful of plastic drinking straws and a handful of small rubber hair ties.

Are you ready to get started? Let’s get going!

Begin by parting the hair into sections – the smaller the sections the tighter the curls. An inch or so away from the head, begin wrapping each section of hair neatly around the straw. Once you’ve spiraled the hair down to the ends, fold the remaining straw tips over the wrapped hair. Then, secure a rubber hair tie around the straw in order to hold it in place.

Once you’ve wrapped all you can wrap, and every “hair is in place,” send your little soon-to-be Shirley Temple off to bed!

Some of this technique’s magic occurs while waiting.

The next morning, one-by-one, gently remove each hair tie and pull the straw from each curl. Once you’ve removed all of the ties and straws, use your fingers to separate the curls (this will make the hair fuller).

Viola – little cost, little effort, luscious locks, and no heat damage to the hair! No matter your age, you’re going to love this brilliant trick.

Watch the video below to see the steps and the amazing results!

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