THE WHOLE WORLD IS IN TEARS: They Discovered What These 2 LINES On Ronaldo’s Head Mean


After entering the match in the European tournament in France, Cristiano Ronaldo received many negative critics. But the ignorant people discover something that they were touched.

Then the Portugal didn’t manage to defeat the outsider Iceland and Ronaldo didn’t confirm the fact that he is the best football player in the world. That was just after few days he declared himself the best.

He paid for the treatment of an ill boy.

Many critics came after the game finished and there were a lot of accusation that he ‘’acted too much’’. On the same page, many people will agree he has an irritating behavior on the court and also some of his statements outside of the court too, some would say he is arrogant and rigid, that he doesn’t respect his opponents etc.

But, Ronaldo also has another face. Ronaldo always comes first when there is a case of solidarity or helping people in need. The three times winner of the Ballon D’Or appeared with an unusual haircut on Tuesday in Saint-Etienne, he had 2 lines shaved on one side of his head.

All the media and social networks start guessing what the does two horizontal lines mean. Spanish portal Telecinco was the one to discover the real reason. Ronaldo made the unusual ‘’decoration’’on his head as a sign of solidarity for an ill boy.

The real story is that he paid for the treatment of this boy who has cancer. After the surgery, the boy had two scars remained on the side of his head.

Ronaldo showed support for the little boy who was watching him by putting two lines on his haircut, as a support for the ill boy. You may not love him, but you can surely bow down to him for this move.


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