Couple Knows There’s 1 Place They Must Get Married: Walmart. Then I Learned Reason Why


Workplace romances are fraught with complications. From the politics of people from different departments dating to the challenges of break-room gossip, it’s a wonder that any on-the-job relationships eventually end in marriage.

But that’s exactly what happened for Merissa Anderson and David Medford who met each other at a Walmart in Guilford, Connecticut. Not only did they fall in love at one of the big-box retailer’s stores, they eventually decided to tie the knot in one — and the reason why might surprise you.

Neither Anderson nor Medford could tell you who made the first move. Both felt drawn to each other, but professional barriers stood between them connecting.

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Posted by Publicité on Saturday, September 23, 2017

Medford worked for asset protection, a department in Walmart dedicated to preventing merchandise theft. Anderson served as the location’s customer service manager, and it would’ve seemed a flagrant conflict of interest for the pair to get involved.

So Medford made the next logical step: He switched positions and started unloading store goods. Mere months after they began dating, they got engaged.

“I think we always just kind of clicked,” Anderson told “There was always something there.”

But actually getting down the aisle required a little more work. Due to tight finances, the couple struggled to find an appropriate venue and eventually started tossing around the idea of actually getting married in a Walmart.

“It was kind of a joke,” Anderson said in an interview with WXYZ. “We were never really that serious about it.”

“It was sarcasm,” Medford added. “We’d say that Walmart has everything that we need.”

But over time, the joke option became reality, and the reason behind it made a surprising amount of sense. “Here is where it came together,” Medford said.

“This is where we come every day. We see it … the place we got married.”

“Everybody we know works [here],” Anderson said. “It’s pretty much like our family now, and all of our friends are here.”

They aren’t the only ones to find love at Walmart. On February 14, 2015, 75-year-old Walmart employee Renate Stumpf received a marriage proposal from an unexpected suitor: her ex-husband.

The two had originally divorced after 13 years of marriage and only reconnected after their respective second spouses had both passed away. “Forty-three years is a long time, so I wasn’t sure at first, but I will marry him though because he’s changed for the better, I’ve come to realize,” Stumpf told ABC News.

For Anderson and Medford who wed in a Saline, Michigan, Walmart on Sept. 24, they say their love faces only one challenge: Customers keep stopping them in the store’s aisles to ask about it!

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