Mom Frantic as Newborn Stops Breathing, Cop’s Body Cam Catches Him Trying to Save Life


It’s a mother’s nightmare when their child becomes severely ill or faces a life-threatening situation. Georgia mom, Tina Adkins, experienced this same panic when her newborn daughter stopped breathing one evening.

Bella Walker was just 29 days old when she became unresponsive from choking. Like every mother would, Adkins became frightened.

“I didn’t know if it was a seizure, if she was throwing up or what was going on. I panicked,” she said. “She was turning blue. I know CPR, but it just went blank. Everything went blank in that moment — I guess because it’s my child.”

Her son urgently dialed 911 as a neighbor started doing chest compressions. But the baby was lifeless.

As officer William Eng of the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department arrived, he ran up three flights of stairs to the scene. The frantic mother handed her unresponsive daughter to him.

“[Adkins] handed me the newborn baby and kept saying, ‘Please help, please help,’” Eng recalled. “Bella was like a rag doll.”

Springing into action, Eng took the lifeless baby in his arms. He began chest compressions, capturing the dramatic rescue attempt via his police body cam.

Then one minute after starting the compressions, he saw a sign of hope. “I saw the baby move, and I heard a little cry,” the brave cop said.

“I stopped and I turned her to my face and saw her eyes open and she started moving. I was so relieved,” said Eng recalling the moment.

Shortly after, EMS arrived and transported the baby to the hospital.

Little Bella is now home and in good condition, showing no sing of lingering effects.

Eng’s brave actions and quick thinking are being credited with saving the newborn’s life. “Because of his compassionate and quick response, he saved the life of this little girl,” said Eng’s supervisor, Sgt. Phillip Collard.

Officer saves newborn

When a frantic mother handed officer William Eng her lifeless baby, his instincts kicked in. Thanks to him, the baby is still alive and well.READ:

Posted by WTHR-TV on Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Eng, however, says that it is a part of his job. “It’s why I wanted to become a police officer in the first place — to make a difference and save lives,” he said.

What began as a frightening unraveling of events turned into a sign of relief as a life was saved that day.

As for mom, she is thanking God for the kindness of the cop who gave her daughter the chance to live.

“I am just so grateful,” Adkins said. “God put officer Eng in the right place at the right time.”


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