Construction Worker Thinks He Saved A Normal Kitten Until He Takes On Look At Its Paws


When we imagine what a litter of kittens will look like, we tend to picture a group of little bitty fur balls nestled underneath a mama cat. Unfortunately, this is the Disney version of many kittens’ true reality. In a world where there are not enough homes to go around, we are bound to come across groups of kittens that are residing in unexpected places.

This story took place in Montreal. A construction worker came across a litter of kittens. He had no clue how they had made their way to this location, either. Once he took a closer look at the kittens, he came to a stunning realization. These were no ordinary kittens! However, he was having a tough time putting his finger on the reason why they looked different from the other kittens he’d seen in the past. An industrial construction site is no place for kittens to be frolicking about. The materials that are used in these projects are incredibly dangerous for animals to be around. In order to gain employment at these sites, applicants will need to display the right combination of technical proficiency and real-life experience. The man in this story was able to become a hero by embodying both of these qualities. When he saw the kittens, he did not think twice about taking them in. Their mother was nowhere to be found and without his assistance, they would have been in dire straits. It took several trips for him to successfully round all of them up. He was a man on a mission. Chatons Orphelins Montréal is a rescue organization in the area and they were contacted once all of the kittens had been gathered. One of the kittens was lucky enough to be adopted immediately. The other five would need help in order to survive. As soon as they were treated, the thing that the rescuer could not put his finger on became apparent.

The kittens were equipped with extra toes. It is not a serious condition and the poly-dactyl cat can have as many as eight toes per foot. COM decided to find the kittens forever homes to call their own and within weeks, all of the kittens had been successfully adopted. Without the assistance of the heroic man, these special and unique kittens never would have had a chance. Be sure to share this happy ending with your friends and loved ones!

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