He Collected Thousands Of Beer Caps For 5 Years To Redesign His Kitchen (13 Pics)


One of the most satisfying things you can do in your home is to truly make it your own, turning it into a reflection of your personality, values, interests, and individuality.

You can paint a room in your favorite color, hang artwork that speaks to you or set up your furniture in a way that suits your needs. And if you’re like Reddit user the passion of the Chris (who we’ll call Chris for short), you want to bring color and flavor into your home in a way that no one who visits will ever forget.

Last year, Chris provided photos of the process of re-designing his kitchen. In particular, he focused on an atypical kitchen counter because he wanted it to be different from ordinary countertops. So he started to work. All furniture was painted black and installed on top of them. The whole thing looks great, but not very distinctive. But it’s not over yet. There is nothing in this bag like… beer capsules. This amazing collection was created with the help of his family and friends. The project needed really lots of caps that they have been collecting for over 5 years.All the caps needed to be sorted. Fortunately, the author had helpers for this in the form of his children. All the capsules were sorted in color and the author acknowledged that this was the longest task of the whole project. It turned out that the capsules were so much that they could not count them. Then Chris and his “Crew” started to put the caps on the countertop. The author said that “The original concept was the arrangement of the picture from the capsules”, “But while laying, we have found that it is easier and nicer to get another effect.” Here we have half-finished work. “It turned out that we had mostly black caps, so we had to think how to put them to avoid uneven color,” said the author. In this coin, they were after over four hours of bottling. Most of the caps were arranged to have their right-side up, but there were exceptions. “The caps that contained interesting messages were put somewhere in reverse. Thanks to that, we gained a light variety for the counter, “- said the author. Of course, the caps could not be so normally located. To keep them solid Chris spent nearly $500 of epoxy resin … so he could go to the next phase. In this step Chris spilled evenly the epoxy resin on all capsules. “There are 5 layers to cover evenly all caps,” he said. After applying the last layer of resin on the capsule, unwanted bubbles began to appear. To fix this, Chris used a gun. The warmth of the gun had drawn air bubbles, which made the resin look smooth. Thanks to the exact distribution of the capsule, they obtained a rainbow effect, the colors of which go through the gradient from one color to another. So they have a unique look that no one repeats. And here is a picture showing the end result. “I’m proud of this project,” said Chris, and we agree that he can be proud of it. The effect is really striking. And how do you like it?

Images source – ©guff.com


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