Chronixx wants Buju Banton concert – Singer says Gov’t should back show with artistes


Reggae artiste Chronixx has suggested that the Government should stage a multimillion dollarconcert for Buju Banton to perform in Kingston.

Chronixx, who made a rare local performance at Dubwise in St Andrew last Saturday night, said the staging of such a concert would show that the Government is committed to supporting music.

“It is the number one export in this country. It’s the only thing that we export all year round. The city of London invite me the city of Kingston neva invite me to do a show yet, enuh. They don’t think it’s worth it to say we are going to put in our budget $20 million for Buju Banton and Sizzla to perform,” he said.

Arguably one of Jamaica’s most iconic entertainers, Buju Banton is serving time in a United States federal prison for drug trafficking. He is scheduled to be released next year.

When asked whether the city of Kingston would stage a concert with Buju Banton, Mayor Delroy Williams said: “As to the issue of having a special event for Buju, I couldn’t just zero it to a special event. But whatsoever the artistes can do to enhance the city and it’s image and to increase economic activity in the city, we endorse.”

With the claim that most other Caribbean nations and their respective governments have opened their arms and pockets to Jamaican performers, Chronixx surmised that government officials ought to create a budget for the reggae and dancehall music endorsements.




“Da country yah don’t have no economic power without the involvement of Rastafari. Mi want unuh imagine one Jamaica weh Rastaman get full respect and endorsement from the people of Jamaica for what Rastafari really is. Rastafari is the backbone of this nation, silently. We don’t want no credit. Man dem just seh we want endorsement from our nation,” Chronixx said during a music break to a captivated audience.

“Everywhere else inna the Caribbean pays ask Popcaan. Me and Dre Island do a show; me and Jahmiel a go do a show inna Guyana an’ a di whole country endorse it. Everywhere else inna di world, the Rastaman get more endorsement than yah so,” he said.

Chronixx further asserted that 50 per cent of Jamaica’s annual income comes from entertainment, particularly reggae music.

Williams told THE STAR that his administration has been reaching out to entertainers and promoters in order to create creative synergy, especially considering the recent designation of Kingston as part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

“I’m pleased to know that Chronixx himself is willing to help the city in this regard. It’s something that we’ll be taking on. We are taking the city in a new direction as far as entertainment is concerned, and it’s unfolding. It’s early days.”

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