Blac Youngsta’s Internet High Jinks Get Mcdonald’s Manager Fired [VIDEO]


Blac Youngsta’s social media clowning has cost a McDonald’s night manager his job.

Youngsta and his boys hit up a Micky D’s in Raleigh, North Carolina last weekend.  It was late and they were only serving drive thru. But the manager recognized Blac and let him and his crew into the fast food restaurant.

Once inside, the high jinks began: play fighting, counter dancing and hanging out of the drive thru window. At one point, Youngsta attempted to take orders from other customers.

Blac posted the fun on his popular social media pages.  He eventually took it down, but the damage was done. McDonald’s brass saw the video and the night manager has been fired for allowing Youngsta and company inside when that area was supposed to be closed.