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BANNED! KC, Camperdown suspended from Schools’ Challenge Quiz


Television Jamaica (TVJ) has suspended many-time champions Kingston College and seasoned contestants Camperdown High from the popular programme Schools’ Challenge Quiz.

Loop News has been reliably informed that KC is suspended from the competition for two years, while Camperdown faces a three year ban.

Both schools were notified of the action by TVJ through a letter dated June 27 which stated that the schools were in breach of three rules during Camperdown’s third round match and KC’s quaterfinal bout in this year’s season.

The rules are stated as:

1a. Entry requirements;

13. Criteria for invitation; and

9. Bans and disqualification.

According to the letter obtained by Loop News, which was addressed to Kingston College, TVJ noted that a panel comprised of the TVJ General Manager, the TVJ chairman and an independent adjudicator, Ambassador Burchell Whiteman convened a meeting, reviewed the rules and came to a final decision.

“After careful deliberation Television Jamaica LTD has determined that the actions of one of the sitting coaches for Kingston College, Mr Kenyatta Powell during the TVJSCQ season, caused prejudice, damage and tainted the reputation of the quiz and TVJ and brought both entities into disrepute,” the letter stated.

“Mr Powell’s outbursts not only voicing pleasure and upset, which everyone can do, but by suggesting that the station was being intentionally dishonest in its execution of the quiz and in launching an unrelenting campaign against the station and the quiz, is a breach of rule 9g,” the letter also stated.

The SCQ competition was engulfed in controversy earlier in March, when an incorrect tally of the scores resulted in a rematch being ordered between Camperdown and Ardenne High, which Ardenne won.

A similar storm brewed over the deduction of four points from Kingston College during their quarter-final match, which resulted in KC being belatedly declared losers to Campion College, which many saw as unfair and unjust.

In a shocking twist Camperdown High School, on behalf of its team deemed wrongly-ousted, served Television Jamaica (TVJ) with an injunction – which was later dismissed in the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston.

In relation to both bans, KC and Camperdown reportedly have seven days to appeal the decision.