The Strongest People Deal with Anxiety Due to These 4 Personality Traits


We rarely associate words like “strong’ and “strength” with a person dealing with anxiety as we are simply led to believe that strength is a personality trait that only those who rarely or never show any signs of fragility possess.

However, people dealing with anxiety are actually very strong, perhaps even stronger than the rest of us. Life is difficult as it is and yet anxiety sufferers have to deal with ‘fight or flight’ 24/7. This battle is extremely difficult to manage and those suffering from anxiety often feel as if they are literally going to war. This is not surprising though, given the symptoms they are forced to deal with, such as sleep problems, uneasiness, panic, shortness of breath, numb hands or feet, heart palpitations, and more.

Anxiety sufferers are still capable of functioning properly! While even the simplest day-to-day tasks can be extremely difficult to perform, they still manage to get everything done.  So, their ability to carry on and work through problems while dealing with the symptoms above makes anxiety sufferers strong, determined, and courageous people. If you or someone close to you suffer from anxiety, read on!

These 4 personality traits are present in those suffering from anxiety and are all something to be proud of:

1. Courage

While no-one wants to have anxiety or depression, those who do have it are forced to learn how to deal with their symptoms. Don’t undermine how difficult this is and how courage and bravery it takes to function properly all while having these issues.

You could be experiencing panic attacks and finding it hard to leave the house all while managing to a relationship or a job. Perhaps it might feel like you are not showing the best of you, just the fact that you are able to keep it all together is something worth respecting.

2. Resilience

This ongoing mental battle helps develop an inner strength that those who have never experienced it cannot comprehend.  Having constant situations turned into sources of anxiety and stress means that you are virtually forcing yourself to deal with your fears.  This capability to bounce back from extremely tough circumstances is the best sign of your resilience and bravery.

3. Foresight

Anxiety sufferers have a vivid imagination, which could be extremely draining.  Whether it is picturing every possible situation that could go wrong or playing out bad scenarios in your head, this imagination is like a curse.

Although you might prefer not to have it, this foresight and ability to deal with anything life throw you at takes a deep inner-strength. Life is anything but easy and being faced with your weakness daily, isn’t something most people can handle.

4. Understanding

If anyone knows that we all have a certain weakness, it is anxiety sufferers.  While the rest of us typically judge others for their faults, anxiety sufferers know that there is a story behind it.  While we rarely dig deeper, those dealing with anxiety go underneath the surface.  In other words, most people go through life without an ability to consider other options, anxiety suffers have the strength to sense when someone needs help or a shoulder to cry on.

As strange as it seems, although no one wants to have an anxiety and deal with its symptoms, in some cases it is a good thing as we all need anxiety to a certain extent.  This precaution is a special gift, despite the fact that on days when you are weaker feels like a curse.


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