Little Girl Drops Money In A Hat, Starts The Most Spine Tingling Flash Mob Ever Recorded


Live music is one of the best things in life to experience – but it’s even better when you unknowingly stumble upon a talented artist playing in public. One little girl recognized this small moment of real-life magic and decided to tip the bassist playing in front of her for his hard work and overwhelming talent! Little did she know what was about to happen next….

Shortly after dropping the change into the bassist’s hat, a cellist pops out of the crowd to come join him. The little girl watches in amazement as musician after musician steps into the plaza to play music as well. She had no idea that her tip to the bassist would spark a full blown “flash orchestra.” Her smiles spreads to others watching nearby as the music grows louder and louder!Instead of just one musician playing in the plaza, dozens separate themselves from the crowd and join into the growing group! Even a conductor comes out of the woodwork to help guide the musicians. It’s clear this “flash orchestra” was planned, but it still took all of the onlookers by surprise! This is something that only happens once in a lifetime and no one in the area wanted to miss it!


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