9 Signs You Have A Strong Personality That A Lot Of People Are Intimidate By


A lot of people are intimidated by people who have a strong personality. In a world that feeds on fear and insecurity, it is normal to try and hide among others. That is why it is natural why some people will feel triggered if they find a person who does the complete opposite.

Those are rare people and they have an amazing personality and many people can learn from them. They are confident and are never afraid to show all they have in a very appropriate way.

We present you 9 traits that show if someone has a great personality.

They do not let everyone in their lives

They are aware that some people are very inconsistent and that is why they are always careful of who they let in their lives. They think that it is better to be alone than to have fake people around them. That is why they have selected those who want to be in their lives and friendship means everything to them. In their opinion quantity is just a time waste.

They do not crave attention

They do not search for attention and they cannot understand why some people crave it and are eager to be noticed by others. However, they attract people without struggle and the people who surround them want to be with them all the time.

They do not need approval of other people

In some cases, people do things that are not characteristic of their personality and they do that in order to get approval from someone. However, people with strong personalities never do that. Instead, they do what they think is right and they are able to make their own decisions and follow through. They are motivated to achieve their goals.

They are repelled by idiocy, ignorance, and insensitivity

They have a strong personality and they are well-informed and thoughtful. They do not want to make irrational decisions. They want to check the effect that their actions will have on them and people around them. A lot of people cannot relate to this, but they notice that. They do not want to be around people who are ignorant, inconsiderate and insensitive.

They do not love small talk

They hate small talk and the words and tedious expressions that come with it. They do not want to talk about irrelevant things. They do not want to waste time because they want to focus on matters that are important.

They are very good listeners

Many people talk that they want to be understood and heard and when it comes to them everything turns as people are afraid when you start to understand them. They will listen carefully and help you.

They do not think of excuses

They do not want to think of excuses as they despise the fact that some people always think of excuses when they have to make an effort. They do not have time to think other people complaining because everyone has to make time for everything. In their opinion there are no obstacles and anybody can achieve everything.

They are fearless

They are not literally fearless and they know how to take care of their fears and emotions. Chances are chances and they cannot be bigger than them. That is why they are ready to face everything.

They can cope with all their fears and they always use them as an advantage. Fear can only raise the awareness and they make us cautious, which is why we have to try and overcome all obstacles that might prevent our growing.

They make opportunities

Some people just wait for something to happen, but they always work in order to achieve their dreams. They are aware that learning, evolving and growing is very important and they always embrace changes instead of fearing them

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