Looking for some cheap but cool crafts to make this weekend? As you may know, dollar store crafts are some of the best around these days, as for a buck you can buy some pretty fabulous crafting items and make some pretty impressive stuff. I am amazed by what some of my favorite DIY bloggers have come up with, honestly. I only wish to be so creative. However, I have learned this year that all dollar store DIYs are not created equally. Some look impressive and are, but can you say “Pinterest fail?” Unless you are super artistic or have a month of time on your hands, you simply can not pull them off. Please… I will take the easy ones, thank you.

Fortunately, I culled some of my favorite ideas for Pinterest and I wanted to share them with you. Whether you are looking for a crafty DIY gift idea or some new home decor on the cheap, these step by step tutorials for dollar store crafts will have you busy making tons of super cool things. Check out the best of the dollar store DIYs…

SOURCE5-Minute Crafts

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